About bounce

Bounce produces innovative opportunities for people to make thought provoking theatre. 

We make work that we want to make, in a style that we like, in the greatest way we can imagine.

Our current programme includes:

  • Youth Theatre 
  • Urban Art Stories 
  • Creative Cafe 
  • Nightschool 
  • Fried Chicken 

Our work works when people join in

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My year at Anstee Bridge

Over the past year, I have been in the position to pretty much be a resident of Anstee Bridge

Fried Chicken - participants wanted.

Bounce Theatre is delighted to host a new devising project for summer 2015. 

Bounce to Heatham House

Bounce Theatre is delighted to announce that its youth theatre will be taking residency at Heatham House for summer 2015. 

Trench Stories concludes

Anstee Bridge concluded Trench Stories with an emotional performance for over 75 local people. Read about it here!