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Happy Birthday Bounce

Bounce turned eight this week. 

Music Hall: Marking WW1

Bounce Theatre is thrilled to be running a Music Hall project with Anstee Bridge in Kingston.

Happy Birthday Creative Cafe

Bounce Theatre's project The Creative Cafe turns one this October.

From Flanders Field: WW1 memories

Bounce Theatre is delighted to be devising an original piece of work with 40 young people from Orleans Park to commemorate WW1.

Support our Hounslow Youth Theatre

Bounce Theatre is producing Aladdin in Hounslow for Christmas 2014.

Mobile Musical - Acting opportunities!

Bounce Theatre is thrilled to work with Anstee Bridge to form a young company to create a Mobile Musical.

Bounce launches Pop Up Night School

Bounce Theatre is thrilled to have received funding from Comic Relief to launch a Pop Up Night School with Anstee Bridge.

Bounce is recruiting

Bounce Theatre is recruiting for freelance practitioners to expand their team in 2015.