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Bounce and Anstee Bridge.

Bounce has the opportunity to be awarded a grant at the moment. This is to work with Anstee Bridge in Kingston upon Thames. It is very hard to put into words the passion one feels for this sort of work to continue. In the current climate, the arts needs more diversity and education needs to be more creative. In this case, the later is perhaps more pertinent. The young people that attend Anstee have often experienced more hardship in 15 years than many of us will as adults. In the hope that you will forgive us if we've clogged up your social media feeds, we're reposting something from a couple of years ago. 

New club at Heatham House

Bounce is delighted to have launched a new term of their Creative Club at Heatham House.

Vote for the Bridge Plays

Bounce is delighted to have the chance to receive valuable investment from the Aviva Fund for our work with Anstee Bridge.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is currently in development with Anstee Bridge.