Creating original, imaginative and brave work

We unlock creative potential through a programme of grassroots arts projects. Working in unusual spaces, we make great art entwined with opportunities for people to make creativity a part of everyday life.

We want to spark creativity, curiosity and conversation

Our work is made on the principal that engaging with your creativity is inherently a good thing. Whether you want to make art or a new friend, there are multiple benefits to joining in.

Making creativity personal

We believe there isn’t a one size fits all approach to being creative. Everything we make is therefore co-created with the people we are working with. Our aim is to ensure creativity remains a personal and sustainable part of life during and post our projects.

In the last year alone we worked with 1700 people and created over 70,000 opportunities for people to join in.  We produced new writing, performance, exhibition and workshops. We talked about things ranging from mental health to the use of emojis. We made art and we converted underused community rooms into creative spaces for families.

We’re proud to be able to do what we do and welcome anyone along to join in.

What we’re making now.

What we’ve made.


Our Artistic Team 

Artistic Director

Louise Pendry 

Head of Arts and Well Being

Rachel Doherty

Arts Practitioners

Tom Daplyn

Ashley Pekri

Daniel Ramsden

Katie Turner


Simon Adrians Tangle Photography 

It’s Not Your Birthday But…

Silver Lining Coaching and Consulting 


Evaluation Consultant

Kirsten Hutton


Jane Ryan

Graphic Design

Andrew Demetrius