Students have been working with a writer and director to develop the script. Their next task involved been put into production teams to produce the show. This will see them produce the show, taking responsibility for casting, marketing, finances and production design. The groups will use the show to promote their evolving relationship with the arts and also as an opportunity to raise money for CRY.

Their first task was to create a production group. Meet Wednesday's group.

We're Crying Heartbeat.
Part of anstee bridge
We're 15-16 years old in Kingston
Between us,we sing, we act we're trying to stop smoking,
We fix things, we're weird, we're smart, we're sensible, we like cars, we moan, we debate
Anstee bridge is a place, a school outside of school,
Much more laid back environment. We learn new skills.

Gives us a break from mainstream school, as school is the most stressful place ever.
Makes me feel calm, relaxed, I can be myself
We're raising money CRY-a good cause that offers help and support familieswho lost their children to heat problems.