This month, we've bid a farewell to one of young freelancers, Rachel Rodipe ... 

Way back when in 2009, Bounce was running a project on the Meadows Estate. We started a youth theatre group out of the Ermine Centre. I have a vague memory of one session where the door flung open & Rachel came in. She might have come to collect her younger brother, all I remember was that she was loud and made me laugh.

She went on to perform in various productions with the group. She was the Queen of Hearts in Alice at Tara Arts because I thought she'd shout well. She was a ghost in Christmas Carol with some great comic timing. She was also in one of my all time favourite productions - Journey to X as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival. When she wasn't in productions, she often worked backstage or on front of house.

One of the things I admired most about Rachel was her entrepreneurial spirit. She had an amazing ability to turn pennies into pounds running front of house and put it all back into the youth theatre. My most favourite though was her lovely nature with younger members of the group, who she'd encourage to learn lines and help them with their reading.

When Johnathan Giddings invested in a project to get young people to run projects on the Meadows, Rachel was an ideal candidate to participate. She went on to help create the Creative Cafe - a project for children on the Meadows Estate. She has for the past two years stuck with the project and helped establish a safe haven for children in her local area to get up and come and play at every Saturday morning. In doing so, she has demonstrated a great love for her community and already made a difference to over 70 children before she's made it to 20.

So Rachel, on behalf of Bounce, we wish you so much good luck and happiness at university. Something tells us with your entrepreneurial spirit and your great love of doing good, you are destined for great things and we're proud to have been there at the start.

Louise & Rachel (Snr)