We were thrilled to take our Creative Club@Heston to the theatre. It was their first real adventure outside of their area as a group. For some it was their first taste of theatre. Real, live, exciting, hilarious and wonderful theatre. 

It was wonderful to watch our participants joy at the discoveries of live performance. From the orchestra pit to the magic of the stage they were captivated and their imaginations ignited. Our journey home was loud, lovely and full of enthusiasm for what they had seen. The energy, care and dedication that has gone into PWC's performance was plain to see. However, the fact they give groups like ours the chance to travel up to London and see live performance just fills us with a lot of gratitude. The journey to and from London was a unique chance for the children to feel apart of the city they belong to.

The value of creative experiences for children is so profound for their confidence and for their learning. One family has since reported that they are now watching musicals at home because their son loved the music that night so much! 

Our favourite quote of the night may be this though "I can't believe you can work a good job and STILL get to do all the creative stuff you like? I'm so going to work for this company when I'm older"  - Begum Aged 9

Thank you PWC :-)