Sometimes people are scared to talk about mental health because they are afraid of what people might say or how they might react.

They shouldn’t be.

Mental Health is a serious issue that we can only solve with everyone’s help!

In our Creative Club @ Heatham we have been working together on a project we call The Worry Tree. It is a hand crafted tree, members of the club including myself and Okan, have successfully created to help people get over their worries and fears. The idea is for people to write their worries and hang them on the branches of the tree. Other people who see the worries on the tree can place hand painted apples next to them with solutions or things they think might help that worry. People can also feel like they are not alone when they see other people are worrying about similar things also. Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable sharing their worries and so you can post your worry into trunk of the tree and others won’t be able to read it. 

By coming to Bounce on a Thursday we know that if you ever have a worry so big you can always talk to the members of staff either in the House or in the Club. There is always a familiar face at Bounce and I know first hand that there is no way you cannot enjoy Bounce.

This is why we have decided to support Heads Together, a mental health charity that supports people and their families who have been touched with mental health. 

Staff or student, at Bounce you will always have a friend.