Describe yourself as an artist

Rachel "I am a bit of pack animal and so I like to be part of a group. Play is my favourite source of creativity and as I get older I find my practise is more viscerally lead.”

Dan "With a near long history of hanging around theatres and a love of film I enjoy giving young people the skills to access the arts in the way they most feel comfortable from designing planning and directing to taking the big roles and making them their own." 

Amber "I believe the ability to listen and encourage one another is the magic of being human. As an educator, I try to see other's magic and remind them of it when they've forgotten.” 

Verity "As an artist and educator I like to have fun. I love to bring young people out of their shells and help them to discover their confidence and creativity. I enjoy making and creating performance of any kind. I care about bringing different people together. Most of all I love ideas, of which the amazing young people that come to Bounce are an endless source of. “

Andrea "I am a visual artist with a sculptural focus. I am a versatile maker and enjoy the challenges of creating work in different settings and collaborating with different artists and communities. I am always learning."

Louise “ I like to think I’m a good listener which makes me a good artist. I make things out of what I see and hear from people in the room with me.”


What’s your favourite book?

Andrea "'100 years of Solitiude' - Gabriel Garcia Marques"

Louise "I have favourite books for different reasons. Goodnight Mr Tom stands the test of time. Joans Book was a massive influence on me. Joan Littlewood might remain my theatrical hero. She influenced the type of artist I wanted to become." 

Rachel "At the moment, ‘Why The Whales Came’ Michael Morpurgo. I read this book for the first time in my 30’s and it instantly transported me back into my child brain (which one of my favourite places to be :)."

Verity "I have NO idea - maybe I haven't read it yet?”

Dan "The Stand by Stephen King, or The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides or, 13 Reasosn Why by Jay Asher (which actually influenced most of my career/educational choices since I first read it)."

Amber "The Red Pony" by John Steinbeck. Beautiful and heartbreaking and perfect. 


Has the digital world changed your reading habits?

Louise “ The digital world contributes to making me read less, which I find a bit sad to admit. I read the news in snapshots and twitter headlines. I am planning to make a conscious effort to start reading again.”

Rachel "Yes, I definitely, read in shorter bursts, particularly articles online. With social media, I have taken to watching short videos with the sound off and subtitles on, which is a type of reading I suppose. The action of reading a book has change too, it feels like much more of an adjournment to me now." 

Dan "It has made it easier to read stuff on the go, especially if I finish a book mid-commute I can just download a new one. So that ease of access is something I like.

Verity "Not in a major way. I'm still a paper-backer. "

Amber "The digital world made my reading possible over these last few years! Following the birth of my daughter, I switched to listening to stories on my phone. That's made it possible to still read when she was up at night or when I took her for walks!”

Andrea "Yes definitely.. I read a lot more frequently but shorter works like articles  and a lot less fiction.”


Where’s your favourite space?

Amber "Forests in the Autumn.”

Verity "Outside, anywhere outside."

Louise “The Southbank or The sea. Both calm my mind”

Andrea “A new desination.”

Rachel "My bed, Bushy Park or the ocean."

Dan "I like busy public spaces where i can lose myself but not be alone. Local libraries, cafes and  have a soft spot for the Barbican."



What are your top tips to switch off and/or relax?

Amber "For me it's things that ground you on the earth - running, cooking, collecting shells etc. Or things that cause you to stop and listen - music, stories, spending time with animals."

Louise “I have never been very good at either. I was an insomniac as a teenager and would bake biscuits at 2am. Becoming a mum and having had a child who has been poorly I forgot for a while what it means. I have however taken up running which has been pretty epic. The knock on effect has made me start to think about cooking more. So that’s becoming my switch off.”

Verity "Turn off your technology.”

Andrea: Cycling!”

Dan "I think putting your phone or any other technology off or away at certain times is good, like later in the evening or when watching and readings something that needs your focus. Also, different spaces really help. It might be nice to spend all day in bed but that stops it from being a relaxing place as it is just a place.

Rachel”Visiting or getting into a natural body of water. Theres nothing like the ocean to remind us to be humble and breath!!!!"


The best thing about Bounce?

Louise “The best thing about Bounce? Too hard a question. The fact its made it into double figures? That it never stays still, it's always evolving? The people who have become #teambounce? I'll be here all day ..."

Rachel "Feeling like I am part of something positive. That we can make little differences that are part of the bigger picture. Also, the staff and participants make me smile a lot too." 

Amber: The people at Bounce are great at creating. Working at Bounce means you get to have a good time and be part of something that's a lot bigger than you are. 

Verity "The incredible range of people I've had the opportunity work with, teach and perform to. “

Andrea "Being inspired by everyone around me and feeling valued for what I can offer.”

Dan “Baby Daniel :-) It is great to be part of a team full of artist and educators with such different backgrounds, experience and techniques yet tied together by the core goal of celebrating young peoples creativity no matter the circumstances. You learn so much from each other and always have fun. It is also great from following that to hold very similar workshops yet have such different outcomes."