Making loneliness in the city

From average Year 10’s to emerging artists, we have been pushed to work on a project that we decided to base on loneliness. This is because even though there are many social awareness campaigns, most of them are by older people whereas ours is just by drama and art students learning to progress in the world.

Through the project we’ve been able to take control as we learn. We’ve been pushed out of our comfort zones, taking on different roles to what we are used to – such as marketing, designing and scheduling.

We started our project in September, we collectively as a group chose to tackle loneliness and kindness as we thought they are topics that deserve more attention. We worked on a lonely person called Bob. We later introduced another lonely person, Susie. We designed a city which shows how different people see the world. Some live in Bob’s room, dark and gloomy. Others live in bright rooms such as Susie’s. Despite what you might think, they are both lonely. This shows that nothing can define a person or how they feel.

Our exhibition is at the Saatchi Gallery from the 16th-27th April 2018. We hope to see you there.

Gemima, Year 10