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Previous Projects

Take a look at some of our major past projects and highlights over the years. Our portfolio illustrates the breadth and span of our work and demonstrates how our practice has been developed and adapted.

Teenage actors on stage look triumphant at the end of a performance - a silhouetted audience is clapping.

Threads of Tooting (2022-23)

Threads of Tooting weaved together the story of the tailors, makers, and textile businesses housed in Tooting since the 1920s. Using interviews, research, and site visits, local people and schools created and curated a series of events to celebrate Tooting’s relationship with tailoring and textiles.

Made possible with funding from:
- The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Speech Bubbles (2022-present)

In 2022, Bounce became a theatre partner in Speech Bubbles, a national programme supporting children who find communication challenging. We continue to deliver Speech Bubbles for primary schools in Wandsworth.

Weekly drama programmes take place in school time. It offers children an opportunity to have fun telling stories and acting them out. In doing so, they are supported to gain confidence and develop their physical and verbal communication skills.

Made possible with funding from:
- Wandsworth Arts Council
- Speech Bubbles

A woman is bending down to listen intently to a thoughtful-looking primary school child. Other children are in the background busy with drama activities.

Sugar & Spice (2021-22)

Sugar & Spice was an intergenerational project celebrating the people, the places, and the spaces which helped shape the High Street as we know it today. Using oral histories and research, community groups joined together to celebrate the stories of their local community.

Children animated heritage stories using shadow puppetry, drama, creative writing, collage and even tried a “trashion” show! The project culminated with a performance, touring exhibition, and a poetry night co-created with local people between 7-70 in age.

Made possible with funding from:
- The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Turn Up Join In (2021-present)

Turn Up Join In is a collaging and lunch club, open to anyone in the community. We recognise that loneliness is a feeling that can affect anyone, no matter your background or circumstances. The club is a positive opportunity for people to socialise and make collage artwork together. Some of our members have said that the project helps them with their mental health, and others feel the value of an accessible space and company after living alone during lockdown.

Initially launched as a social prescribing pilot for Wandsworth Arts Service & Enable Leisure and Culture, Turn Up Join In flourished during the Autumn of 2021. So successful was the project that Bounce continues to source additional funding for it to continue today.

Made possible with funding from:
- Wandsworth Arts Service & Enable Leisure & Culture

- Higgins Community Partnerships

- Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund
- The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Men and women are doing arts and crafts at two long tables in a cafe in a church. Participants look happy and many have cups of tea.
A man wearing a World War II Warden Helmet is looking down. Behind him is a large makeshift clock made out of poster-sized paper. The image is black and white.

Things to Do in a Blackout (2019-20)

Despite common misconceptions today, during the Second World War crime rose by a startling 57%. The blackouts provided a cloak for all sorts of wrongdoings, from looting to more serious crimes of passion.

Things to Do in a Blackout was originally intended to be a live performance - with the challenges of Covid-19, the project was revised and reimagined as a digital art project. 

Made possible with funding from:
- The National Lottery Heritage Fund

The Female Voice (2020)

A podcast series made in lockdown.


Young women interviewed guests about a range of topics from politics to female leadership to being ok with your hormones.


The work culminated in a magazine reimagining what women’s magazines should offer girls.

Made possible with funding from:
- The #iwill Fund

Magazine cover of "The Female Voice" showing positive headlines. The cover image is a teen girl with bright red hair. She looks confident with a slight smile and is wearing a black choker necklace.
Seven smiling teenagers pose in front of The National Theatre. A few of them are balancing on one leg.

Grace Dear Trust Projects (2020-22)

A digital lockdown offer for young people. Mixing youth theatre with podcasts and e-magazine making.

Made possible with funding from:
- The Grace Dear Trust

StoryClub (2020)

StoryClub was formed in the absence of being able to run our projects in person throughout the lockdowns of the pandemic. StoryClub brought a weekly mini magazine full of creative tasks to make stories, art, and play at home. We started with the intention to provide a platform for children to do the things they do in our clubs and projects, from home, without having to be online. They could play and make stories, which could be sent to us for an online story time.

At the same time, we reached out to food banks and charities to see if we could support their work. Within a couple of weeks StoryClub was supplied to Reach Academy, Learn English at Home, Hounslow Foodbox, Salvation Army Feltham, Homestart, Kingston Foodbank, Refugee Action, Learn to Love to Read, Dons Local Action group, St Georges Hospital, SmallWood Primary School, and Roehampton Community Foodbox. At its peak, 11,000 copies were being distributed weekly.


We also offered live online workshops for active participation. Using the power of our imaginations, we took ourselves on wild adventures around the world.

Made possible with funding from:

- Kingston Council

- Wandsworth Council

- The Arts Council

- Bounce Theatre

A young boy grins at the camera. He is holding a small piece of art that reads: "Black is good, black is happy, it's strong like diamonds and soft like cuddles."
Two hands make a heart shape. The backdrop is a white doctor's coat and stethoscope. A title along the bottom reads: "Our Health Your Hands".

Our Health Your Hands (2019)

A celebration of 70 years of the NHS with a mixed media exhibition.


Touring to schools across Kingston, the Stanley Picker Gallery, the National Archives and Kingston Hospital.


Made with Anstee Bridge.

Made possible with funding from:
- The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Urban Art Stories (2015)

Urban Art Stories was an interdisciplinary project exploring the heritage of the urban art movement.


Young people from Hounslow collaborated with Bounce to undertake research across London about how urban art has evolved in both form and content. Their research was interpreted into an exhibition at the Saatchi gallery. Along with this they ran workshops, devised immersive performance and hosted a gig in the basement with urban artists.

Made possible with funding from:
The National Lottery Heritage Fund

A woman with sunglasses on her head grins for a photo being taken on a smartphone in front of a graffiti wall. The woman is holding a black marker pen where she has just written "The walls of the city belong to the people."

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